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Our Sweet Treats

The perfect pairing for our creamy creations.

From fresh baked cones to sandwiches combining our imaginative flavors with our warm baked goods, scratch made sweets is what we do. We bake it all in-house by classically trained bakers, just for you.

Please note, all special order items require a one-week lead time.


Ice Cream Cakes

Always popular for events or that special occasion, our custom ice cream cakes combine your favorite flavor with our expertly crafted cakes to create something truly wonderful and mouth-watering.

6″ Heart • Feeds 6-8 • $35
6” • Feeds 6-8 • $35
9” • Feeds 10-12 • $45

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Give us a call at (919) 762-7808 or stop by our Holly Springs location to see what premade sweet treats we have ready for pick up in-store.

Best Seller

Ice Cream Pizza

Who knew you could make a pizza even tastier? Our Ice Cream Pizza is a creative journey combining all things sweet and creamy to wow your taste buds. Customize with your choice of ice cream and 3 toppings.

10” • Feeds 10-12 • $35

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Gone are the days of buying traditional custom birthday cake and most of it going to waste, costing an arm and a leg, or half of the party not enjoying it because they don’t like the flavor. Our custom cookie cakes are going to be the talk of the town, as you will leave bellies full and satisfied from a yummy treat suitable for all ages and flavor palettes.

10” • Feeds 10-12 • $25+

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