Nothing says “party” like ice cream!

Our two-hour private parties begin and end with ice cream! You learn to make ice cream the old-fashioned way. With our hand crank ice cream machine! We’ll add the ingredients, you add the hand power, and ::poof:: ice cream magic. Then, as the ice cream hardens, partiers get crafty with homemade sugar cookies, where they can decorate and enjoy there sweet creations. And at the end, everyone indulges by devouring their freshly spun ice cream on fresh waffle bowls and a variety of sundae bar toppings.

Fresh Waffles

Hot, fresh waffle bowls served as the base for ice cream sundaes.

Sundae Bar

Your choice of four toppings.

Choose from:

  • rainbow sprinkles
  • chocolate sprinkles
  • Oreo cookie pieces
  • marshmallows
  • M&M’s

Alternate toppings available upon specific request.

Cookie Decorating

Decorate custom sugar cookies (all supplies provided), complete with personalized photos, which are printed on the spot to take home as a fun party favor.

Additional Craft Project

Guests can choose one of the following:

  • Create their own tie dye project where each child can tie dye their very own Mama Bird’s tshirt, or
  • Create their own canvas bag, which we provide, by decorating it with child friendly fabric markers.


Our party rates start at $200 (taxes and server fee included) for 10 kids for 2 hours. This includes:

  • Ice cream
  • Waffle bowls
  • Sundae bar
  • Juice boxes
  • A craft project for up to 10 kids

Each additional child is $10.

A $100 deposit is required to secure a date

Adults are welcome to any extra ice cream or waffle bowls from the original batch produced. You may also choose to run a tab for additional scoops from our dipping cabinet.


  • Goody Bags – $6 per bag
    • If you like, we can also supply goody bags.
    • Include a series of ice cream themed toys (ice cream popper, ice cream bowl, spoon, etc.)
  • Coffee Add-on – $30
    • We will provide bottomless, fresh coffee service for the adults in attendance.

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